How to find houseplants on a budget

You don’t have to be an interior designer to know houseplants are making a comeback. Thanks to social media, millions have rediscovered the joy of owning indoor plants, and with good reason. Houseplants can quickly make any space feel fresh and welcoming with the added bonus of helping clean the air in your home.

But picking the right plant can be overwhelming and expensive if you don’t know what to buy or where to shop. That’s why we’re sharing tips about how you can join the #houseplantclub without spending a lot of green.


Choose foolproof plants

The best houseplants are lush, glossy, and most importantly, don’t require a lot of maintenance. Fortunately, some of the most common houseplants are affordable and easy to care for.

Snake plants are good for low light and require minimal water. Plants with similar needs are the ZZ plant, the peace lily, and the dracaena. If you prefer the spiky look of a succulent, the Haworthia is good because it can live in bright or low light, and requires minimal water.

If you’re still not sure what to choose or you’re having trouble identifying a plant, ask your local nursery or flower shop to help you pick a plant that’s hearty and forgiving if you miss a watering.


Swap or shop online

You can shop for almost anything online today, so why not plants? Thanks to a growing market of online shops and a thriving community of sellers and swappers, it’s easy to find affordable plants online.

“Shopping for plants online allows you to easily learn about care requirements so you can select the right plant for your environment. You can also build a style around selecting certain plants. For example, a snake plant theme will add some height and a tropical vibe to your space,” says Emily Wight, owner of online plant shop foli.

To ensure your online plant purchase arrives ready to thrive in your home or office, Wight recommends looking for a shop with short shipping timelines and a guarantee your plant arrives alive.

“If you purchase a plant and it takes seven to ten days to arrive, that’s a long time for your plant buddy to be in a box moving through different temperatures and going down conveyor belts. The faster your plant gets to you, the better!” says Wight.

In addition to online plant shops, check out local online marketplaces like Kijiji, Facebook Marketplace or Bunz. You’re sure to find passionate houseplant parents looking to sell or swap plants for a reasonable price (or free!) in your neighbourhood.


Host a houseplant party

Once you’ve started your houseplant collection, you might find yourself with one too many plants, or plants that aren’t thriving in your space. For a free and fun way to discover new houseplant varieties, consider hosting a plant swap (we’ve included a virtual option, too).

Plant mom Julie Garel shared some tips about how to host a plant swap on her blog, Lavender Julep.

“We planned the swap party almost two months ahead, so that we could give people enough time to prepare, especially if they wanted to bring cuttings or seedlings to trade,” said Julie.

On swap day, guests put their plants on a trade table or a free table. Plant owners could propose swaps or take home a plant for free along with care tips from the original plant owner.

To make sure your swap runs smoothly, provide guests with detailed information about what to bring and how the swap will work ahead of time, and invite a mix of plant-loving friends along with people new to houseplant parenthood.

To host a virtual plant swap, start an email thread or Facebook group and ask friends to share photos of plants up for grabs. You can trade plants safely by opting for porch pickup or drop-off only.

Whether you’re going for a lush tropical island vibe or you’re looking for that one perfect plant for your windowsill, there are plenty of affordable options available to suit your lifestyle. Start by choosing a plant that’s easy to care for, browse online options or host a virtual house party to get started on a budget. Welcome to the #houseplantclub!