The magic of holiday decorating

By Angie Kendel

There is much debate about holiday decorating. For some families, the earlier their home is decorated, the better. Other families only decorate immediately before the holidays and then take everything down a few days later. The beauty about holiday decorating is that it is a very personal family choice. For some families, it is quite the tradition and family event. It can bring a family together for shared time in a yearly tradition, even after the children have married and moved out. There really is no wrong or right way to “do” the holidays. Most families tend to do what works best for them.

There is something truly magical in the way holiday décor impacts the mood of a space. From the elaborately elegant décor to the simplistic embrace of a minimal design, each sets a different mood for the holidays.

Some of the trends for 2019 include simplicity and sustainability. Using natural materials while keeping things simple seems to be the most popular style this year. Colours include forest green, natural tones of wood, cream, burgundy/red, with metallic silvers.

Texture is playing a big role creating depth and interest in various table settings and vignettes around the home. Faux fur elements add to the texture while providing a cozy element to ward off the winter cold. Natural wood tones and rustic wood elements top off a simple, yet sustainable design, for a beautiful classic holiday mood. Some ideas for natural décor can be greenery from your local garden center or collected while your family enjoys a hike in the park. Pinecones are a nice simple addition to natural garland on a table, staircase, or fireplace mantel. Lights can be plug in or battery-operated fairy lights for a beautiful simplistic touch. For a small pop of colour or texture, add a few ornaments in similar colour shades as accents and you are done!

Trends are still leaning towards vintage décor, metals, rusts, golds, old ornaments and holiday décor. An old sled from the 1960’s is a perfect addition to your exterior décor.

The beauty of blending these materials allows us to embrace the old with a new appreciation for the history and simplicity it brings to any holiday design. Hit the craft sales and flea markets and have some fun creating your own special classic version of Christmas décor this year!

Décor trends may be popular, however, there are many families that embrace the traditions of many years together. We are certainly one of these families.

Christmas would not feel like Christmas, if we did not have our very traditional tree. We have very traditional ornaments that my husband and I purchased on our honeymoon that still decorate our tree every year. Our décor has always leaned towards rustic both at home and at our cottage. We have years of ornaments our children made while growing up that still adorn our tree. Our tree simply would not be our tree without them! Every year I add one new piece of décor that is special and meaningful to me, in addition to the ones from our children and now from our grandchildren.

Our main Christmas tree is our “family tree.” It is built on years of traditions in our family and years of shared experiences and vacations. Each ornament has a special memory, and each year we add new memories from our last year. This is simply what has worked for our family to make our holidays extra special over the years. Christmas decorating is a big deal at our home and cottage. It is our favorite holiday of the year. It is truly family time with lots of fun, games, food and simply time just spent together.

However, I am a decorator. I simply cannot do the holidays in a small way! We have four large trees inside and two by our front door at home. We have two at the cottage and another one at the office. I also have numerous smaller trees here and there as part of our décor.

I love surrounding myself with holiday décor! Our tree in the music room is decorated in gold, burgundy and black to go with our grand piano. This is where our family gathers on Christmas Eve playing instruments and singing Christmas carols. We have another smaller tree in our kitchen so I can enjoy the mood of the holidays while I am cooking and baking. There is another tree in our basement that is decorated in soft blues, golds and silvers with some rustic accents and a touch of glam.

Of course, we always have trees and lights at our front door to greet guests before they come in. Decorating is about bringing out your personal style, about what makes you and your family happy. That is the beauty of holiday décor. There is no right or wrong – it is 100% all about the family, the household and the individual. Enjoy!

Whether you enjoy decorating on trend or following family tradition, make your décor uniquely you! Choose colours and items that have meaning to you or make you feel good. The more you surround yourself with décor that creates the mood you want to achieve, the happier you will be in your space. Enjoy your holiday decorating!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us at Maximum Impact Plus and Kat Reno! We wish you love, health, peace and many happy memories with your friends and family for years to come!