Living the peaceful rural lifestyle within city limits

By Todd Lewys

It’s a dream that countless homeowners harbour.

In their mind’s eye, they visualize living on an expansive lot that’s situated in a quiet, countrified area set away from the city.

At the same time, they also visualize their home being just minutes away from city conveniences. In short, the location offers the best of both worlds.

These days, many home buyers are choosing to buy a home in bedroom communities outside the Perimeter to realize that dream.

What most people don’t realize is that they don’t necessarily have to purchase a home in a bedroom community to bring their dream to life.

Turns out, there’s a group of streets in south Charleswood — Liberty Street, Loudon Road, Charleswood Road,
McCreary Avenue and Howe Avenue — that are located south of Wilkes

Those streets are in an area that’s referred to as MLS® area 1N and offer a unique opportunity: to live in a rural setting within city limits.

However, because these roads are so countrified, they don’t have access to city water or sewer services — something that has deterred people from buying or building homes south of Wilkes Avenue.

There’s no reason to be deterred.

Much like you’d do out at the lake, all you need to do is arrange for water delivery — and arrange for your septic tanks to be emptied.

Once a regular schedule is established, there are no issues, says Ken Clark, president of WinnipegREALTORS®.

“Initially, that perceived lack of services can scare people away. That’s not a big deal. Once you draft up a service schedule, you’re good to go.”

There’s also a huge benefit that comes with not having city water: there are never any water main breaks. Consequently, residents in Charleswood south will never have to walk out to a water truck to get water while a water main is being repaired — an inconvenience that can last for days.

The benefits of living in Charleswood south greatly outweigh the liabilities, says Clark.

“I’d say the first attraction is that you get a larger lot, somewhere in the range of about three quarters of an acre to one acre, perhaps a bit bigger. A lot that size provides you with plenty separation from your neighbours. And because you’re in a rural setting, there’s far less traffic, and it’s quieter.”

Then, there’s the feeling of freedom that comes with living in an area that’s free of city complications.

There are literally no restrictions to deal with, so you can do things like park your 22-foot trailer in your yard without neighbours complaining. With all the space and the peaceful setting, it’s a less stressful place to call home with an overall quality of life that’s far better than in the city.

At the same time — though you may not have city water and sewer — residents still benefit from other key city services. You’re still covered by ambulance service, a great benefit. At the same time, taxes are lower because you’re not paying for city sewer or water.

In short, there’s no downside associated with living on one of the streets located south of Wilkes Avenue.

Want to head back into the city?

You’re just two to five minutes away. Need to shop? No problem — you’re only a short drive from a host of stores on Kenaston Boulevard.

Need to go to Charleswood or St. James?

Not an issue, as you can use Fairmont Road, Community Row or Charleswood Road to cross over to Roblin Boulevard.

If you’re looking to purchase a home on an expansive lot in a rural setting close to the city, you should consider Charleswood south, says Clark.

“It’s an underrated spot and just a fantastic place to live,” he says.