SentriLock tips

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As a SentriSmart™ user, you have the ability to view your notifications through the Message Center feature. You can view the following items in the Message Center:
• Showing Notifications
• Low Battery Notifications
• Showing Feedback Survey
• One Day Codes (if requested through IVR)

Agent Safety Feature in SentriSmart™

When using SentriSmart™ to open a lockbox, the Agent Safety Feature will launch. This feature will automatically alert your designated emergency contacts when you do not or cannot confirm you are safe. This feature can simply be enabled in the settings and your emergency contacts are designated – all within the SentriSmart™ App!

End of Showing Notifications

SentriLock has further enhanced the notification process when our boxes are accessed with the SentriSmart™ Mobile App. The Listing Agent will be notified when the showing begins and now also when it ends. This new feature will allow Listing Agents to track the duration of showings, solicit more timely feedback and offer better service to their sellers by letting them know when the showing has ended.