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With so many options to consider, shopping for appliances can sometimes feel overwhelming. Function, size and design — it’s about finding the right model for your lifestyle.

Here are a few helpful insights from The Home Depot Canada to consider before making your next appliance purchase.

• Refrigerator:

Function — The sky’s the limit when it comes to configuration: top-mount, bottom-mount and side-by-side are just the beginning. Review your daily needs and consider special features such as easy access doors, multi-tier freezer sections, icemakers, second refrigerator drawer options, convertible freezer sections, wine chillers and even smart home-connected capabilities.

Design — Think outside traditional white or stainless-steel finishes. Instead, bring a contemporary feel to your kitchen with slate, glossy or matte black stainless or even a warm, gold-hued veneer.

• Range:

Configuration — New designs have a host of convenient options available, like double ovens that cook at two different temperatures simultaneously and warming and baking drawers to help with multi-tasking and entertaining. If space is tight, also consider installing a separate cooktop for maximum flexibility in your kitchen.

Cooking requirements — If take-out is your regular go-to, a standard electric model will work for your needs. However, if you are an aspiring chef take it up a notch and consider going with either gas or induction, which both deliver intense heat for quick cooking and boiling. If you have small children, induction cooking is a safer alternative because the coils are underneath glass, protecting little hands.

• Dishwasher

Capability — Take the work out of washing dishes by opting for a dishwasher with multiple tiers and washer arms for full water coverage. To ensure your cycle doesn’t stop until your dishes are clean, look for models with new sensor technology that monitor food debris in the water. Ensure the model you choose considers future changes to your family size so it grows with you, and look into getting a model with a third rack.

Efficiency — Energy-efficient options can provide long-term savings to your monthly bills. For example, two-drawer dishwashers operate like separate dishwashers in one unit, offering increased flexibility and efficiency. To save you time, look for bonus features like quiet operation or advanced cleaning functions.

— Canada News.