Endless kitchen remodelling options can present quite the challenge

When remodelling a kitchen, it can be challenging to navigate the endless kitchen options and to visualize how to pull them together to create a cohesive look.

To provide you inspiration and insight, Natalia David, trend and design manager for The Home Depot Canada, shares her kitchen trend report for the season.

Green sustainability — In favour of going au naturel, more homeowners are purchasing ethically produced and sustainable products. ECO countertops are an example of a sophisticated design that elevates waste materials into refined new forms. Manufactured from 75 per cent recycled materials, these countertops reuse 94 per cent of the water they consume during the manufacturing process.

Overall trends in sustainable décor lean towards softened industrial looks and mid-tone colour palettes that appear softened by natural processes: think faded by time, oxidized by weather, washed out after recycling or smudged with chalk.

Dark opulence — The revival of dark and gothic influences in the fashion industry is now moving inside the home. Mirrored backsplashes, richly-veined granite countertops, brass hardware and high-gloss surfaces create an elegant and refined kitchen space. Playing with texture is key — matte, shiny, powdered, waxy and glossy surfaces generate interest in these new moody interior spaces. Clean lines or vintage style cabinets with metallic accents are another way to incorporate this trend.

Timeless modernity — Some trends never go out of style, like the graphic and colour inspiration from the late 1970s. Colour-block the space and use a contemporary countertop — such as quartz or Corian — to anchor the room. Accent neutral cabinets with smoky blues, dusty roses and soft golds to bring that groovy kitchen back. 

— Canada News.