Nine ways REALTORS® produce results

Local REALTORS® have been busy in 2017 helping buyers and sellers succeed in attaining their real estate goals.

Here are the Top-9 reasons why you need to be engaging a Realtor to produce results for you:

1. Realtors are a step above  — Realtors are licensed and regulated by the Manitoba government through the Manitoba Securities Commission (MSC).  Your Realtor has extensive training provided by the Manitoba Real Estate Association (MREA), ensuring compliance with the increasingly complicated regulations. They must complete mandatory education every year to be aware of current federal and provincial legislation and regulations and adhere to the national code of conduct, the Realtor Code, as set out by the Canadian Real Estate Association.

2. A Realtor offers you security — Selling your home can be a stressful time. Realtors make sure that you and your home benefit from the highest level of security with key safes (lockboxes), accompanied tours, records of showings, and by qualifying buyers prior to showing your property. You don’t want just anybody in your home.

3. A Realtor offers you peace of mind — Your Realtor will make sure that everyone from the seller’s Realtor, to your mortgage provider, to your lawyer receives all of the information they require in order to finalize the sale. They will also follow up on any conditions included in the offer and submit all necessary documentation (paperwork) on your behalf.

4. Realtors are professional and informed — Your Realtor operates in an ever-changing real estate industry with new technology, regulatory changes and, most importantly, market conditions. Realtors continually update their knowledge so that their clients become more informed through the buying and selling process.

5. A Realtor can offer you objective advice — Your Realtor is able to provide valuable advice and give you appropriate feedback to maximize the return on your greatest asset.

6. A Realtor works with a network of proven professionals —  Vetted tradespeople, mortgage providers, lawyers, lenders, appraisers and home inspectors means your Realtor can connect you with their diverse network of service professionals.

7. A Realtor documents the details — From conditions to schedules to complex condominium document packages, your Realtor knows the paperwork required, along with how to interpret it. Your Realtor has the skills in managing this documentation throughout the listing and closing process, which makes for a worry-free experience!

8. Negotiations are risky business  — Knowing what questions to ask as well as the myriad of terms and conditions can mean a difference of thousands of dollars in your pocket. Your Realtor is an expert negotiator capable of removing themselves from the emotional aspects of the transaction to provide you with a superior outcome. Strict adherence to the code of ethics and fiduciary responsibilities enables Realtors to act in your best interest.

9. A Realtor is available and ready to help — Real estate is a unique profession. Your Realtor is one call, email or text away.