Mayoral forum slated for October 9

With less than a month to go before the October 22 civic election, we now know the final slate of mayoral candidates whose names will be on the ballot when Winnipeggers exercise their right to vote. They are Brian Bowman, Michel Fillion, Paula Havixbeck, Robert Falcon Ouellette, David Sanders, Gord Steeves and Judy Wasylycia-Leis. 

In the lead-up to the October 9  mayoral forum hosted by WinnipegREALTORS® and televised live on Shaw TV, the association asked each mayoral candidates to provide a 200-word submission briefly outlining their platform to the Real Estate News. Below are four candidates. 

Other candidates will follow in the upcoming REN issue. 
The WinnipegREALTORS® Mayoral Forum will be moderated by Peter Chura of Global TV and a features a media panel posing questions to the candidates.
To follow our mayoral campaign coverage, use the hashtag #yourmayor.

Brian Bowman
I want to build a growing, thriving, modern city. A city with stronger, safer neighbourhoods. A city with roads, bridges and community infrastructure that are properly maintained and a city hall that works for you, not the other way around.

 My goal is to build this city to one-million people. To accomplish this together, we will create: 

 A city hall that works —
We will end the patronage and backroom deals by bringing real accountability and transparency to city hall.
We will end the patronage at EPC and reduce the salaries for all EPC members and the Mayor and reinvest it back into city services.
 A growing, thriving, modern city —
We will create a modern and accessible transit system for all Winnipeggers.
We will fuel small business growth by creating a competitive environment with lower business taxes.
We will create a vibrant downtown that is safe and accessible.
Safer and stronger neighbourhoods —
We will keep property taxes affordable, and a portion of the money collected will be reinvested into our roads.
Will work to get our FairSHARE of the PST to help rebuild our crumbling streets and roads.

Paula Havixbeck
Homeowners take pride in their homes, we need to take pride in our city. For too long, roads and infrastructure has been ignored and a lack of leadership has driven questionable decisions. I want to develop Winnipeg into a city we can be proud of. I want to see Route 90 become a beautifully landscaped route for visitors who arrive in our city. I want to fix roads, without having to increase everyone’s taxes. I want to develop Winnipeg in a responsible manner, balancing the needs of the community with planned future growth. 
Most importantly, I want the citizens of Winnipeg to be the voices heard by our mayor — not unions, political parties, or backroom deals. Winnipeg needs someone who will get to the bottom of problems, provide leadership, and someone who already knows what the problems are, and how to fix them. I will ensure Winnipeggers get the best deals; from suppliers, from contractors, and from our public service. Winnipeg deserves a mayor who cares about the city and who can fight for what Winnipeggers deserve.

Robert-Falcon Ouellette
I am a program director for the Aboriginal Focus Programs (University of Manitoba). Previously, I served in the Canadian Armed Forces and have extensive experience in administration earned with the military through 18 years of service.
My campaign has been about offering an objective and realistic vision of what our city must become. I have proposed reorganizing the public transportation system to create a Metro-bus system, moving the rail lines outside of the city and using that rail infrastructure to put in place a Light Rail Transit system that benefits everyone.
My strength above all others is my ability to speak and inspire all peoples in Winnipeg and create dialogue and bridge building that we need so badly in our city. We have far too many people who do feel they are not full citizens and we need to find solutions to that issue on both sides. If we are to change the course of our collective history and have a better city in 20 years, we need action today. That is why I am proposing a child-friendly city policy that views every city policy and by-law through the eyes of our children and their long-term future. I’ll be a mayor for everyone.

David Sanders
Let’s overhaul city hall. After years of scandalous misconduct and mismanagement of major city projects and real estate transactions, now documented in audit reports forwarded to the RCMP for review, it is time to elect a new mayor and council and re-establish a responsible, accountable and ethical municipal government in Winnipeg.
 I have 45 years of directly relevant education and experience in government, university teaching, management consulting, large and small private businesses, and the practice of law. More importantly, I have been a keen observer and frequent commentator on council decision-making for the past two years, and I know what has to be done immediately to overhaul city government and refocus on the needs and aspirations of all citizens.
 I don’t think any of the other mayoral candidates are willing or able to do this job. Unless we have the courage and determination to clean our house at 510 Main St., the city’s financial position will continue to deteriorate, and so will our basic municipal services. We can do better, much better, and together we can create the safe, fair and fun city everyone wants to enjoy. I ask all Winnipeg citizens to join with me in taking back control of city hall.