Yes, there really is a Santa Claus


Some time ago, a friend of mine, Bob Runyon, wrote this Christmas blurb. I guess it’s sort of his version of Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. I think it’s pretty special. Maybe you will, too.
“Is there really a Santa Claus?” What a question to ask. Of course there’s a Santa Claus! Santa Claus is a spirit — the spirit of Christmas — and because he's a spirit, he’s seldom seen. Yet, who would say there’s no north wind simply because it can’t be seen?
Now, it may be hard to believe that old Santa’s reindeer can actually fly through the air, but if a big heavy airliner can fly all over Canada carrying hundreds of people, why can’t a magic Santa Claus and his reindeer fly anywhere they want with a medium-sized sleigh? If a helicopter can land gently on top of a tall building, why should Santa Claus find it difficult to land on top of your house?  
Some people worry entirely too much about how Santa can come down a small chimney. Yet, the very same people don’t worry at all about how electricity can get through a tiny wire that doesn’t even have a hole in it. If they’re so smart, maybe they can explain how that happens!
And there are other doubting people who just can’t understand Santa Claus living way up at the North Pole all year long. They say no one would want to live way up there, so they’re not going to believe in Santa Claus. Well, the very reason that Santa lives at the North Pole is because he’s not like other people. If he were like other people, he’d live in a third-floor apartment and go to the office, instead of keeping busy in his workshop all year making Christmas presents. And where else but the North Pole can you go these days if you want to get some work done and not be interrupted?
Some people stopped believing in old Santa because they just couldn’t understand how he could visit every boy and girl in just one night. And yet, they sit down and watch TV programs that are going into every home — just like Santa on Christmas Eve. The only difference is that the TV programs come in by a cable, while Santa comes in by a chimney.
One flimsy reason for not believing in Santa is that he has no way of knowing what you want for Christmas and yet he brings exactly what you want! Well, that’s no problem at all. When you’re sick, do you have to tell the doctor what kind of pill you need? No indeed, the doctor knows, just like Santa knows what kind of present you need. Now, of course, December is a rush month at Santa’s workshop and it helps him keep his records straight if you write him a letter ahead of time.
Occasionally someone will ask: “How can Santa afford to work all year making gifts, and then give them away free?” Well, the cost of living is high these days and that’s why he can’t always give the most expensive  gifts. He just does his best.
Did you ever here the rumour that Santa is really your father dressed up in a Santa suit? Now, it’s true that some dads do enjoy dressing up like Santa Claus to have some fun. But that proves that there is a real Santa, because if there wasn’t a real Santa, then who are these dads dressing up like?
Christmas without old Santa would be like Thanksgiving without a big dinner or a birthday without any cake. Christmas and Santa go together — you can’t have one without the other. And mark my words, when the tree is ablaze with lights and the fire burns merrily on the hearth and the carol singers have come and gone and the frosty night is cold and quiet, old Santa will come, as silently as the falling snow, bringing presents for all, because whether we believe in him or not ... 
Santa always believes in us!