Let’s wallow in nostalgia


Do you remember:
• When Pepsodent toothpaste seemed to be the only brand available, and we hadn’t even heard of fluoride?
• When no one ever talked about pollution? Either there wasn’t any, or we failed to notice it.
• When the Ford Thunderbird was  “the” car to own?
• When the Edsel was  not  “the” car to own?
• When there was a Studebaker car to own?
• When Bill Haley and the Comets were the “hot” group back in the ’50s?  We couldn't get enough of Rock Around the Clock, See You Later Alligator and Shake, Rattle and Roll. It’s quite a tribute to that vintage stuff that it’s still played at almost every social and wedding reception.
• When sideburns were rare?  Something you saw in a very old picture of your great, great grandfather.  
Which brings us to Elvis Presley.
Remember when Elvis and his sideburns and his hips were shocking?  Now he seems like a Boy Scout in comparison with today’s music videos. It was also shocking when he went into the army and had his hair cut off. Elvis without sideburns?  
• When toys were simple. Looking at today’s dazzling array, it’s hard to believe that we were thrilled with a scooter, a bike, a hula hoop or a yo-yo. Now, you need a masters degree in engineering just to get the new toys operational. Don’t wait 'til Christmas Eve to start assembling, since  you won’t be ready ’til New Year’s Eve.
• When double-breasted suits were out-of-style, in-style again and then out-of-style again, and then ...
• When the 1960s seemed like a long way into the future; not a long way back into the past?
• Cowboy trivia. Remember the song, Happy Trails to You?
Wasn’t that Roy Rogers and Dale Evans theme song?
That’s right. Let's see what else you can remember (answers at end of column):
1. Roy Rogers’ real name?
2. The name of Dale Evans horse?  The name of Roy’s horse is too easy to even ask. Oh, all right, just for the record,  his horse was ________?
3. Roy’s sidekick, who drove a jeep?  And what was the name of Roy’s earlier  sidekick, who preferred a horse to a jeep? 
4. The name of the Roy Rogers’ ranch?
Meanwhile, riding on into the cowboy sunset, see how much of this you can remember:
5. Who played the Lone Ranger on television?
6. The Lone Ranger's “great white horse” was ___________? Tonto, of course, was the Lone Ranger's “faithful Indian companion.” Who played the role of Tonto on TV and what was the name of his horse?
7. Gene Autry’s horse was ________?  Who was Gene’s sidekick? 
8. What famous cowboy made the whip his trademark?
9. Who played Wild Bill Hickok on TV, what was his sidekick’s name and who played that role?
10. Who played Hopalong Cassidy on TV and what was the name of his horse?
11. Who was Johnny Mack Brown’s sidekick?
1. Roy’s real name was Leonard Slye.  Has a nice “cowboy” ring to it, doesn’t it?  
2. Dale's horse was Buttercup, while Roy’s was Trigger.
3. Roy’s sidekick in the jeep was Pat Brady, and before him it was Pat Buttram on a horse.
4.  Roy’s and Dale’s ranch was the Double-R-Bar.
5. On TV, the Lone Ranger was played by Clayton Moore.
6. His horse was Silver. Tonto was played by Jay Silverheels, a full-blooded Mohawk from the Six Nations Reservation in Canada. His horse was Scout, as in, “Get ’em up Scout!”
7. Gene Autry’s horse was Champion. Gene had a couple of sidekicks over the years, including Smiley Burnett, but I think the sidekick most of us would recall was Gabby Hayes, who we remember for his good looks, sophistication and fine wardrobe!
8. It was Lash LaRue who fittingly preferred the whip to the gun.
9.  Guy Madison was Wild Bill Hickok, his sidekick was Jingles, played by Andy Devine.
10. William Boyd played Hopalong Cassidy and his horse was Topper.
11. Fuzzy Knight was Johnny Mack Brown’s sidekick.  Fuzzy, as I remember, was from the Gabby Hayes school-of-good-looks, sophistication and fine wardrobe!