Trivia quiz

If you’re a trivia expert, you’ll probably know the answers to all these questions.  Or, maybe not! (Answers at the end of the column.)
1. What was the name of the first U.S. manned space program?
2. In which sport can you be legally cross-checked?
3. In Disney movies, this actress played characters named Sharon McHendrick, Mary Grant, Nancy Carey, Nikki Ferris, and Patti Randall. Who is the actress?
4. Name the actor whose real name was Hugh Krampke. Hint: He was a big TV western star in the 1950s.
5. True or False?  Noah took one pair of each animal aboard the ark.
6. True or False?  The original name of Mickey Mouse was Monty.
7. In harness racing, what is the wheeled carriage called?
8. What are you if you’re supercilious?
9. What is the full name of Barbie, the doll?  If she were full-size, what would her bra-size be, does her friend Ken have a male-private part and were Ken and Barbie ever married?
10. What movie are these lines from: “Surely you must be joking,” and, “I never joke, and don’t call me Shirley.”
11. When Charles Lindbergh made his pioneering solo transatlantic flight on May 20-21, 1927, he covered 3,610 miles in 33.5 hours. How long did it take Amelia Earhart to make her solo crossing exactly five years later?
12. What would have been Lindbergh’s name if his paternal grandfather hadn’t changed it when he fled to the U.S. to escape being jailed in Sweden for his political beliefs?
13. What is the more common name that we use for the affliction known as furfur?
14. What do workers in the mangrove forests of West Bengal, India, wear to protect themselves from tiger attacks?
15. Which of the Seven Dwarfs does not have a beard?
16. Back in the hippie/flower-children era, what San Francisco street intersection became its symbol.
17. Which country put the first man in orbit around the Earth, what was his name and when did that happen?
18. Who did actor Steve McQueen replace when he was hired to appear in Frank Sinatra’s 1959 war film Never So Few?
19. What is a male swan called?
1. The Mercury program.
2. Lacrosse.
3. Hayley Mills.
4.  Hugh O’Brian, who was Wyatt Earp during the 1950s TV western fad. Do you remember Maverick, Have Gun Will Travel, Gunsmoke, Bat Masterson, The Rifleman, etc.?
5. False.  In fact, he took seven pairs of some animals and only one pair of others.
6. False. Originally, Walt Disney named him Mortimer after his pet mouse.  Extra trivia at no extra charge:  the original voice of Mickey was done by Walt himself.
7. A sulky.
8.  Arrogant.
9.  Barbara Millicent Roberts, her bra size would be 39D, Ken has no male private part, and  they were never married, although they did tour Europe together  without a chaperone in a 1962 Barbie comic book.
10. Airplane.
11. Just under 15 hours, but her crossing covered fewer miles (2,026).
12. Charles Mannson.
13.  Dandruff.
14. Rubber masks tied to the backs of their heads, because tigers are known to attack humans only from behind.
15.  Dopey.
16. Haight and Ashbury.
17. Russia did it first on April 12, 1961, with Yuri Gagarin onboard Vostok 1.  John Glenn of the U.S. was second into orbit. 
18. He replaced Sinatra’s “Rat-pack” buddy Sammy Davis Jr., who was dropped from the cast following a quarrel with Sinatra.
19. A male swan is called a cob.