This year’s curb appeal award winner

Iris Kennedy, the owner of the home at 6363 Southboine Dr., was the WinnipegREALTORS® curb appeal award winner in this year’s Winnipeg in Bloom contest. For claiming the award, she received a special framed print by well-known local landscape artist Roman Swiderik during a special ceremony at Rainbow Stage on August 14. 
Sheldon Zamick, who is the chair of the WinnipegREALTORS® public relations/member services committee, presented the award to Kennedy, which is chosen from a previous year’s residential winner in the contest organized by Take Pride Winnipeg.
“WinnipegREALTORS® is pleased to have been a supporter of Winnipeg in Bloom from  its very inception,” Zanrick told the over 300 attendees at the Take Pride Winnipeg ceremony Kildonan Park,  “and we’re proud to see how Winnipeggers have responded by sprucing up their properties for the benefit of all who have the pleasure of seeing them. 
“Of course, as  REALTORS®, we know the importance of curb appeal when it comes to selling your home so it is a win-win for the owner and the community,” he added. 
Sheldon told the attendees that WinnipegREALTORS® greatly appreciates the effort contest entrants put into their property every year so all Winnipeggers can enjoy the fruits of their hard work.
“It never gets tiring to marvel at what these Winnipeg property owners have accomplished, and, in doing so, they cannot help but inspire others to do their part to make their own yard more appealing,” said Peter Squire, director of public affairs for WinnipegREALTORS®. 
Take Pride Winnipeg’s Winnipeg in Bloom awards ceremony caps off another growing season whereby Winnipeg residential and business property owners put their full attention and labour every spring into sprucing up their yard. The properties entered in the contest are judged in July.
“Some homeowners are not as fortunate as some of you here,”said Zanrick. “What I mean by that is they may be incapacitated in some way or struggling financially to maintain their property. Thankfully organizations such as Take Pride Winnipeg are recognizing this reality and have started a Brush Up Winnipeg program. Sponsors come forward, such as our own association, and paint a home that is badly in need of a fresh coat of paint. 
“So, my suggestion is — and some of you may be doing this already — is to help others on your street with possible ideas to enhance their front yard, even if it may require a little of your own sweat-equity.  They may have the desire but not the ability to spruce up their yard.  
“Homeowners such as Iris Kennedy are an inspiration to us all to show us what we can do make our yards just that much better and make Winnipeggers proud about the  community and neighbourhoods they live in,” he ended.
With fall soon around the corner it’s now a good time to get out and see some of these award winning properties. 
The first place winners for residential properties are as follows: 865 Garfield St. North, 175 Mapleton Dr., 1148 McPhillips St., 327 Inkster Garden Dr., 7 Carnarvan Rd., 115 Linden Ave., 90 Stoney Lake Bay, 134 Masson St., 129 Woodlawn Ave., 612 Shorehill Dr., 6340 Southboine Dr., 119 Buxton Rd., 124 St. Pierre St. and 846 Warsaw Ave. 
For other award winners, go to the website
It is also worth mentioning the progress a number of businesses are making in sprucing up their properties. For example, the Winnipeg Legal Careers and Law Jobs office, 514 St. Mary Ave., was a business property award winner this year. Also, condominium corporations, such as those at 55 Nassau St. North and 54 Donald St., stepped up to show how owners can collectively participate and make a difference.
Finally, credit must go out to Home Depot, the title sponsor again for this annual contest. At the actual awards event, the home improvement retailer is always generous in providing gardening draw prizes. Even some of those who weren’t winners went home with something useful for their properties.