5 best luxury kitchen design trends for 2021

As we navigate a new year, one thing is for certain — the home will continue to be a sanctuary for most. New home design trends have emerged based on both necessity and circumstance, and as a result of COVID-19, the kitchen has become one of the most essential rooms of the home. Second only to a home office, that is!

From innovative layouts for more functionality to high-tech appliances elevating the home-dining experience, we’ve outlined five high-end kitchen designs trending in luxury homes this year.


Custom stone throughout

Exquisite marble continues to be a must in high-end kitchens. From strongly veined marble to entire hand-cut slabs of stone designed into islands, countertops and backsplashes, this application of gorgeous stonework offers next-level style and unmissable luxury.

Additionally, stone surfaces are more sustainable, thanks to their durability, classic style and ability to withstand passing fads. This ultimately makes them a better investment in the long run.


A blend of the natural

In addition to striking marble, blending natural materials such as metals and woods add a statement and create a natural contrast against polished surfaces.
Although wood went out of fashion a few years ago, it’s now enjoying a comeback.

Incorporating woods such as light ash that are more subdued than walnut or oak helps bring out the warm tones of the stone surfaces. Applying metal accents for fixtures, sinks and faucets beautifully blend all of these natural elements and strike a balance. Contrast is key when it comes to mixing natural materials.


Latest and greatest appliances

With more meals being prepared at home from morning to night, there is an increased need for top-of-the-line ovens, refrigerators and dishwashers, to name a few.

High-end kitchens are being outfitted with the latest-model appliances — all to allow for greater functionality, capacity, high-tech sanitization and more. These appliances are turning beautiful kitchens into ones fit for Michelin-starred chefs.


Gourmet from home

Specialty appliances such as rotisseries and brick pizza ovens are also being elegantly incorporated into luxury homes. Designers are getting creative with
activating unused spaces — completely outfitting the kitchen with elegantly designed built-ins for specialty foods at home.

This includes features like a juicing station with high-power electric juicers, a custom-built brick oven for homemade pizza, dessert bars with gelato machines and more. These specialty items allow homeowners to whip up delicious gourmet delights from the comfort of their homes, no tip required.


Next-level storage

One of the biggest must-haves for luxury kitchens in 2021 is organization. A custom, oversized pantry organized to the nines truly elevates the kitchen experience.

In addition to these next-level pantries, custom cabinet build-outs, hidden pull-out racks for spices and labeled glass containers not only create order but also allow for a clean, clutter-free environment. Storage spaces and larger cupboards have become the ultimate status symbol and are fast becoming a top item on high-end kitchen wish lists.

As we continue to live and work through the pandemic, there is more focus than ever on the home kitchen experience. Sophisticated kitchens using custom stone, wood and metal accents bring out the raw beauty of the materials and create a calm environment.

Thanks to the latest models of appliances, both large and small, the home kitchen has been elevated to offer an experience like never before.

— Inman News