Planning your next bathroom reno

By Angie Kendel

Updating bathrooms adds value to your home. Designs have changed over the years. Most older homes with ensuite bathrooms had a small 3’x3’ shower, a toilet, and a vanity with a single sink. The main bathroom typically had a bathtub with shower, larger vanity and a toilet. There are so many more options available to us now than we had in the past. It is possible to use the same space but by changing the layout, making it not only more functional but also feeling much more spacious.

Every client I have spoken to dislikes their 3’x3’ enclosed tiled shower. It is a small and tight space, often lacking natural light. It is a far cry from the typical glass shower we see now. However, what many people do not realize is that we can almost always provide you with a larger shower in the same space. How a client uses a space has a huge impact on what we do. It’s not unusual to have a large 48” or 60” vanity in an ensuite bath. Most clients do not need this much vanity space and are happy to shrink the vanity down to a 36” and have a much larger shower! We may have to pull up the flooring and completely change the layout and the plumbing.

However, having a bathroom that is much more functional and shower where you have a bench to sit on to shave your legs is so much more appealing to the women in the household! Sometimes its hard for the average person to “see” a different configuration for a space. That’s when it is well worth it to call in a professional who can easily see a better layout that addresses your needs.

Vanities come in a multitude of styles and finishes. Sinks can be vessels, undermount, drop in, and in come in any number of finishes from copper to natural stone.

The most important things to consider with a vanity is the storage you require. We have accessories that attach to the inside of the vanity door that can store a long list of personal care products such as hair dryers & hair curlers. For younger children, we can have a horizontal platform on a drawer that pulls out so little people can easily step up to reach the sink. This removes the necessity for the infamous step many parents have in their bathrooms that often becomes a tripping hazard.

Once the children grow older, the horizontal top can be removed, and you are left with a ton of storage in the bottom drawer! It is super functional and visually appealing in the space. Another favorite option is drawers! You can even have pull out shelves under your sink! Wall hung vanities have become quite popular. However, the downside is you do have to clean underneath them. When planning custom cabinetry, we can design endless options of storage to suit your family’s needs.

Showers have come a long way! We can have body sprays, steam showers, overhead watertiles from the ceiling, handheld wands, and wall mounts. You can also have any combination of these with multiple control settings. You can even have your favourite music, lighting, aromatherapy and preferred temperature setting pre-programmed specifically for each user! The bathroom has become the home spa! The more personal the better!

When there is room for a tub and shower, everyone wants a free-standing tub! There are a wide variety of styles and sizes. My one suggestion is to stick with a particular style — if you have round curves and soft flowing lines stick with the same style for a tub and fixtures.

If you love the statement strong square lines make, then stick with the same look throughout the design. It is a good idea to sit in the tub and try it out. If you like to lounge and read a book or soak, ensure the slope is comfortable for you and you can easily enter and exit the tub safely. Free-standing tubs also have the options of air jets for a gentle massage so it is a simple matter of finding the right product for your needs. Tub mount or floor mount faucets are available — it is simply a matter of personal preference and sometimes space! Remember to allow a space for a bench of some sort for bath products; towels and anything else you may need to reach while lounging in your new tub. 

There are just so many wonderful options available. If you find your space is no longer working for you and would love some help but do not know where to start, we would love to help you! Check out our websites or or email me at for your in home consultation! Happy Planning!