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- YEAR-TO-DATE MLS® SALES EVEN WITH 2009 - - - October MLS® Sales Down 3%; MLS® Dollar Volume Up 6%

If this was an election it would be too close to call. On the final stretch drive with two months to go it is a dead heat in terms of MLS® sales compared to last year. There are only 28 more MLS® sales in 2010. However dollar volume is a different story. It is up 10% in comparison to 2009 and while sales do drop off at year end there should be no doubt WinnipegREALTORS® will set its 10 th consecutive annual MLS® dollar volume record in 2010. 2001 finished with a dollar volume level just shy of the $1 billion mark. Ten years later the final amount could possibly reach $2.7 billion...

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