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- MAY USHERS IN A MORE BALANCED MARKET - - - Over 2,000 Residential-Detached Listings Going Into June

While no panacea for some homebuyers depending on the neighbourhood and price ranges they are searching for, the good news in May isWinnipegREALTORS®’MLS® residential-detached listing inventory is in better shape going into June than it has been in a long time. Moreover, a good influx of new listings in early June bodes well for a healthier supply in the summer months. The same holds true for condominiums. You have to go back to May 2001 when supply is comparable to this year with over 2,000 residential-detached listings. Contrast this total with 2007, which had the busiest May and year on record, residential-detached listings for May were only 1,153. Similarly, there were 315 condominium listings at the end of May 2010 in sharp contrast to 174 at the end of May 2007...

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