WINNIPEG - WinnipegREALTORS® Citizens Hall of Fame Committee Chair Rick Preston is pleased to announce the installment of the portraiture of 2010 inductee Terry Fox in Assiniboine Park.

“It is with great pride and satisfaction to see the wonderful likeness of Terry Fox sitting so majestically on a solid granite pedestal in the formal garden area of Assiniboine Park,” said Preston. “And what a beautiful setting to finally get the recognition he so richly deserves in the city where he was born. His legacy continues on and will inspire many around the world to continue his monumental effort to raise awareness and hope to find cures for all types of cancer.”

Local sculptor Erin Brown had the privilege of sculpting an iconic Canadian. It was the wish of Betty Fox to have her son’s portraiture embody pride and joy instead of grimace and pain. An interesting detail of this sculpture is the subtle lettering on the t-shirt indicating the marathon of hope.

Norma Currie, the Winnipeg resident who nominated Terry Fox as a deserving inductee into the Citizens Hall of Fame, said she is very pleased with the artistic effort of Erin Brown.

“She captured Terry’s smile beautifully, his curly hair and the overall expression on his face.”

The placement of Terry Fox’s sculpture this week at the Citizens Hall of Fame site means all 37 inductees to date since the inception of the program in 1986 have their likenesses on public display for everyone to enjoy and reminisce about their amazing accomplishments.

The Citizens Hall of Fame is a unique installation in North America that is a permanent memento to the pursuit of excellence and achievement on behalf of one’s community. It is a repository of local history, a source of education to the Winnipeg community, and a tourist attraction showcasing the talents of local artists.

For further information contact Peter Squire at 786-8854.

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