Quick, stunning artwork displays

Is your artwork displayed for maximum impact? Or is it still stacked in a corner months after your move? Learn how to quickly create stunning displays with five no-fuss tricks used by professional galleries and designers.

Rule of 145

Take a tip from the professionals in galleries to hang any size artwork and differently sized groupings. Simply make sure that the centre point of anything you are hanging is 145 centimetres from the floor. If your ceilings are exceptionally high, raise the centre point by five centimetres. If your furniture is very low, bring it down by five centimetres. This speedy technique takes all the guesswork out of hanging.

Picture ledges

If you have a collection of small, framed pieces, a picture ledge may be the answer. These ledges are about five centimetres deep with a retaining lip to prevent your pictures from slipping off. Ring an entire room with a picture ledge, or pick a length that fits a specific area. Play with visual rhythms by arranging your art and photos according to frame height, colour or subject matter. Take another tip from art galleries and make sure the display has an odd number of pieces.

The MonkeyHook

No need for a hammer or screwdriver with a MonkeyHook®. Just push the sharp end into drywall, using your hand and a twisting motion. These inexpensive hangers can handle up to 20 kilograms each (simply add another hook for each 20 kilograms). As a bonus, they leave almost no mark in your walls.

Oversize paintings and mirrors

Are you lucky enough to own an oversize feature piece? Instead of trying to find hardware that’s strong enough to take the weight, why not lean it against a wall, where it will become the main focus point? Use friction pads if you are worried about slippage.

Nineteenth-century chic

The Victorians were big fans of the “more is more” school, layering framed art, photographs and mirrors together. You can update this look by creating an imaginary square or rectangle in the centre of a wall and then hanging several pieces within it. Map it out first by cutting out cardboard pieces the same size as your artworks and sticking them on the wall with green painter’s tape until you like the arrangement — or use a smartphone or tablet app.

Try these tips and, in just a few short hours, you’ll have walls that look as stylish as an art gallery or a boutique hotel’s.

— SmartMoves, Canada Post.