Creating A Hands-Free Home

Remember the days when you struggled at your front door, juggling bags of groceries and your keys? Homes have now become smarter, more energy efficient and even intuitive, making hands-free a reality.

Automatic environment monitoring, access to lights and appliances from anywhere in the world and voice-controlled gadgets are just some of the ways home life is evolving. Our homes are an extension of our lifestyles, with increased capabilities to seamlessly connect 24/7 at the touch of a wireless button. Here are a few examples of smart home advancements bringing us one step closer to a connected and hands-free space:

Hands-free kitchen

Technology has brought hands-free faucets, helping families avoid unnecessary accidents, making cleaning easier and reducing the spread of germs and messes. Companies such as Canaroma are also finding ways to integrate this new touchless technology into stunning design, making it beautiful to look at.

Hands-free calling

Long gone are the days where you physically dial a phone. For example, new home systems now offer the ability to call mom simply by saying “call mom.” Products such as Amazon's Echo and Alexa and Google Home are making connecting hands-free simple. Using VoIP — Voice over Internet Protocol — you can now call your contacts and you don't even have to wait for them to get the technology or a Google account to answer.

Hands-free cleaning

You're not alone when it comes to despising cleaning. Fortunately, hands-free options can provide a tidy home without lifting a finger. From air purifiers that automatically scan your environment for airborne allergens and pollutants, to high-tech robotic vacuums that trap dust and dirt and spontaneously move away from objects in their path, coming home after a long workday to a spick-and-span environment can be your reality.

We're moving towards a truly intuitive lifestyle. Companies such as TA Appliances, Teletime and Appliance Canada are taking us one step closer to a hands-free world. The next generation of smart home products will continue to expand our ability to connect to contacts, appliances and other smart-home devices anywhere in the world and on vocal demand.

— NewsCanada